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Database Careers: What skills do you need to have a career in data?

In this episode, I am talking about careers in Data, particularly in Databases. We will go through different Database jobs, the skillset you need and more. As a certified university educated data analytics consultant,with 20 years of experience in most aspects of data and its usage in small and large organizations, I have been inspired to share my knowledge and experience to all of you who is thinking to pursue a career in Data. 1.Overview of opportunities 0:01 2. How my database career started 2:17 3. My industry experience 3:30 4. Understanding programmers vs. database developers 4:44 5. Database roles overview: what to expect 6:25 6. a. Data Entry / Data Steward Roles 7:26 7. b. Database Reporting Analyst Developer 8:46 8. c. Data Analyst 10:18 9. d. Business Intelligence Analyst 11:58 10. e. Database Developer 12:51 11. f. Database Administrator (DBA) 15:43 12. g. ETL Developer 17:48 13. h. Data Architect 19:29 14. i. Data Scientist 21:18 15. j. Data Engineer 24:29 16. Skills you'll need overview 26:00 17. Junior level skills 27:16 18. Intermediate level skills 31:02 19. Senior level skills 35:49 20. Data Science vs. Data Engineering 37:53 21. How do I get started?? 38:24 22. a. Math and Query Practice 38:44 23. b. Start programming using real projects 39:11 24. c. Learn SDLC 41:16 25. d. Find real practice resources and materials: 42:42 25. d. Build it! 43:34 26. Wrap up: it is a cool career! 44:12 In this episode, we're going to take a deep dive into DATABASE CAREERS in order to learn what skills you're going to need to get started, what salaries generally look like, and what you can expect along the way.

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